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Ashfield Primary School

Visual Art.

At Ashfield Primary School students from Year 1 to 6 are engaged in a comprehensive and vibrant Visual Arts Program that encourages the development of art skills and knowledge, and builds confidence in their personal creative abilities.

Students work with our Specialist Visual Arts teacher in the Art Studio for an hour a week, where they learn practical visual art skills and techniques to create work that explores the elements of art through meaningful and creative art projects.

The program is guided by the WA Curriculum, with students making and responding to artworks. Visual Art provides a meaningful, relevant context for students to explore both personal and bigger picture ideas and represent their understandings in a creative way.

Students in the Early Years focus on mastering the basic elements, while exploring a range of materials and processes through a series of guided art lessons. Our middle and upper school students build on these core concepts and expand their skills with mediums such as drawing, painting, textiles, clay work, printmaking, and mixed media.

Students create artworks for significant school calendar events such as NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week and World Environment Day and students’ artwork is regularly displayed in the Art Studio and classrooms.

The Visual Art program at Ashfield Primary School aims to build confidence, curiosity, imagination, and creative expression.



Ashfield Primary School offers an enriching and varied music program to students from Years 1 to 6. Classes spend an hour a week learning the fundamentals of music, how we relate to music in our society and general musical awareness and appreciation.

Students learn to read, write, and play music through a variety of instruments.
Junior classes play tuned and untuned percussion instruments to help them learn about the elements of music like beat and rhythm, pitch, tone, structure, dynamics, and tempo. The senior students expand on prior learning through playing instruments such as djembe, glockenspiel and ukulele.

Students engage in in all elements of music making and appreciation including singing, moving to music creating their own instruments to play. And enjoying musical interactive incursions such as visiting musicians from Musica Viva.

Ashfield Primary School is also part of the Instrumental Music School Services program where classical guitar is offered from Year 5. Students are provided with high quality instrumental tuition once a week which offers them the opportunity to develop their music abilities further.

Music education gives students the opportunity to think creatively and express feelings and ideas without having to use words. Our music program not only instils musical skills but also fosters teamwork, creativity, and confidence. Through music, students learn the value of collaboration and self-expression, providing them with tools they'll carry into the future.

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