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At Ashfield Primary School students from year 1 to 6 learn Auslan as a second language for an hour a week during our LOTE program.

Auslan is the language of the Deaf community within Australia and is categorised by handshapes, their orientation, location, movement and use of non-manual features such as facial expression. It is different to other signed languages and to English through its own grammar, signs and syntax. Auslan is nationally recognised and widely used across Australia. The learning of Auslan in schools builds diversity and inclusivity and is both useful and fun. It is also particularly relevant within Australia due to the rising number of people with hearing loss.

Learning Auslan is a dynamic and interactive process. Through hands-on activities, games, and visual aids, students develop their signing skills, fostering a deeper appreciation for this expressive and vital language.

In our Auslan program, students embark on a journey into the world of sign language, learning the basics of Auslan through, school-related vocabulary. Students also learn the signs for a range of words from animals and transport to feelings, colours and food. Students engage in signing basic conversations, asking questions and playing signing games. This program not only offers students a unique linguistic experience but also promotes inclusivity and understanding of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Ashfield Primary School

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