Enrolment Guidelines

Ashfield Primary School

Ashfield Primary School does not have a local intake area so the only criterion for prioritising enrolments is proximity to the school.

Families complete an Application for Enrolment Form (Part A). Once eligibility for enrolment is confirmed, a formal School Enrolment Form (Part B) will be issued.

Enrolment Form

You can download and complete an enrolment application, or you are welcome to come into the school if support is required in filling out the forms.

Kindy Enrolments

If your child was born between 01 July 2019- 30 June 2020 (4 years old by June 30 2024) then you can apply to enrol your child.

Original Documents

When enrolling bring the following original documents along with the enrolment form to the Administration Office.

Proof of Address

  • Primary document - Most recent shire rate notice or current rental agreement.
  • Plus a water, electricity or gas bill as well.

Original Birth Certificates

  • Your child’s original birth certificate.

Original documents need to be sighted and as such no email applications will be accepted, unless currently living outside of Western Australia or in a remote region.

Immunisation Records

The school must sight a recent copy of each student's AIR Immunisation History Statement at the time of enrolment.

The quickest way to get your child's statement is by using your Medicare online account.

You can access this through the  myGov website. Click on the highlighted word for website link.

Health Conditions

If you child has a medical or health condition – please advise the Administration Officer when submitting your enrolment form. This will ensure we have all the correct procedures in place and forms completed to assist your child.

Overseas Students

Students who are not Australian Citizens must present their passport and visa grant notice at the time of enrolment.  Evidence of visa subclass numbers, if you or your child is not a permanent resident/Australian citizen of Australia (For a child born in Australia to be an Australian citizen, at least one parent must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child’s birth).

Some students on visas will be required to enrol through TAFE International WA.


Students with Additional Needs

Parents/carers of students with specialised needs are asked to contact the school at the time of enrolment, to discuss their child’s unique requirements. This will ensure that the school can put the necessary programs and support in place to meet the needs of your child.

Student Information

It is important that parents/carers advise the school immediately if there are changes of address, telephone number, emergency contacts or medical details.  This will ensure that the welfare of all students is given the highest priority, especially in times of urgency.

Access Restrictions

Parents/carers are reminded that the School Education Act 1999 obliges parents/carers to inform schools of any family court orders or other orders which are applicable to their children.  The school must sight the original documents and all details are treated in the strictest confidence.  Any changes to orders must be provided to the school as soon as possible.

Any absences need to be advised to the school
Please complete the form if your child will be away from school.
Or SMS to 0437 153 984