Principal's Message

Ashfield Primary School

On behalf of the staff, students and school community I would like to welcome you to Ashfield Primary School.

I am very lucky to be the principal of a school that is the heart of our local community. I am proud of our highly motivated staff, involved and passionate school community and our amazing students who make the future of the world look bright.

Ashfield Primary School is committed to providing a high-quality education, complemented by innovative approaches in meeting the needs of each child. Inherently we understand an individual’s wellbeing is the foundation on which success in life is built.

It is important our students:

  • are confident to take their place in the world.
  • are successful and personally and socially competent.
  • have a growth mindset, believing their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.
  • have the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions, collaborate and make decisions.
  • work cooperatively with their peers and the school community.
  • exhibit the values of honesty, resilience, empathy, respect and the capacity to act with ethical integrity.

The family/ school partnership is an integral part of the school ethos. We have developed strong community links by always maintaining open lines of communication with all members of our rich and diverse community.

Ashfield Primary School prides itself in being able to meet the educational and social needs of all our students. Our teachers are committed to high-quality learning experiences driven by evidenced based learning approaches. At Ashfield Primary School, we create a culturally responsive learning environment for all our students as well as developing resilient, independent, and socially adept young children.

Ashfield Primary School has a positive reputation within its community. I know from the moment you enter the school, you will be impressed by the culture and ethos of the school. It is a place in which all people are respected and where we work as a team to ensure our students, your children get the very best education, every day.

Claudia Grieco


Ashfield Primary School

Any absences need to be advised to the school
Please complete the form if your child will be away from school.
Or SMS to 0437 153 984