School Council

Ashfield Primary School

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being voted as the Chair of the School Council. Ashfield Primary School’s Council is an active member of the school community, often meeting twice each term. School councils exist to inform strategic directions, ensure an alignment of resources to priorities, and advice and influence when necessary. The Council is currently made up of seven members, who bring a variety of experiences, perspectives and expertise.  Council members support an integrated system of decision-making at Ashfield Primary School, ensuring student needs are at the front and centre of everything we do.

School governance structures can be seen as one tree with many branches, here at Ashfield Primary School there is a nice cross-over between the School Council and the P&C. We are lucky to have such a dedicated parent and family community who are passionate about seeing all of our students succeed.

It is a privilege to work with our Principal and fellow Council Members, to ensure that the School’s strategic direction is aligned with the School’s vision. As a Council, we are committed to doing a great job for the school – and doing it ‘The Ashfield Way’!

Andrew Hunter

Chair – Ashfield Primary School

Ashfield Primary School

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