Student Leadership

Ashfield Primary School

Ashfield Primary School leadership beings in the classroom and develops as students’ progress through the school. Leadership opportunities are designed to foster confident enthusiastic successful learners. These leadership opportunities involve formal leadership programs and practical leadership experiences. The approach recognises that students can be leaders in different ways.

School Councillors

The School Councillors are role models for our school. They play an important part in organising and presenting at school events. Two School Captains and two Deputy School Captains are elected through an election process at the end of each school year. The boy and girl with the most votes are elected school captains.

Our school leadership team have the important job of setting up, running and emceeing our  whole school assemblies, peer mentoring and taking on different duties throughout the year.

Faction Captains

Ashfield Primary School has three sports factions Frazer, Broun and Arundel. The elected captains assist during the 2 major sporting carnivals being Athletics and Cross Country.

School factions help in building school spirit, with children participating in school events to support their faction. Faction points can be won across the week based on positive behaviour choices.

Ashfield Primary School

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