Physical Education

Ashfield Primary School

The primary focus of the Physical Education Program is to develop and enhance the physical activity skills of all students and to encourage and foster a positive attitude toward a healthy and active lifestyle. Every student participates in a one-hour Physical Education class per week with a specialist teacher.

Ashfield Primary School prides itself on its inclusive Physical Education program. This focus encourages students to take turns, include others, share equipment, follow rules, accept decisions, honesty, being inclusive, being a team member, manage competition, dealing with winning and losing, positive attitudes and values and leadership. We believe these are all important to develop our students mentally and physically.

Additional Physical Education opportunities that are offered include:

  • In term swimming lessons from Pre-Primary to Year 6
  • Friday sport for Year 1 to Year 6 students
  • Winter Carnival (netball, football and soccer)
  • Cross Country Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Variety of clinics offered throughout the year
Ashfield Primary School

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